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Finally, here they are!!

on February 28, 2011

So I FINALLY got the camera back from C so that I could upload the pics of what I have been working on the last week or so.  Like I said, my momma was reteaching me how to crochet so I made a few things to keep practicing.  They include…. A cute little lime green baby hat…and yes, I used a creepy baby doll as my model.

A little black beanie

I also made a white one but it is on my phone,but you get the idea.  I even crocheted some little flowers and hearts that I am going to attach to them.  They are super cute!  The if you notice the baby doll above is covered in a blanket and leaning on one too.  I made those for my niece to use to cover her ‘babies’.  She normally just uses wash clothes, but I thought she could use a prettier one!!  They even have little ruffles on them, too.  I made one for a friend’s niece and added a flower to hers and she loved it. 

I have lots of new patterns that I can’t wait to try and I’ll be sure and post them as I do!!


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