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Superbowl Cupcakes

on February 10, 2011

Ok, so I know this is a little late, I should have posted it by Monday like every other blogger in the world was doing.  But alas, it is now Thursday and I am just getting it on here!  That’s ok though they will still taste yummy!  This isn’t a recipe or anything, I just thought I’d share a pretty cool new product I found and what my contribution to the Superbowl was…..CUPCAKES!  I made cupcakes for pretty much everything.  They have cool liners and you can make any flavor and you can eat them without a plate and fork.  There is also no real evidence that you ate them at all after you throw away the liner whereas with a cake, if you cut out a piece (or four) to eat, then everyone can tell that you are a Fatty McFatFat. 

So when I had my shopping trip this last weekend, I did have a couple of splurges that didn’t have coupons but I just couldn’t help myself! 

How cute are those liners!  With football laces!  I know right, total genius idea that I would think to make these for a Superbowl party?  Well they were only $1, so there!  And when I was looking for some other icing I had a coupon for I came across this Oreo Icing…ummm, YUMMY!  At $1.38 there was just no way I would be able to not have that end up in my cart.  They also had a Smores Icing that is going on my list for the next shopping trip!

So Sunday morning I made my cupcakes and set about to frost them.  The tube has the kind of top that you can attach a frosting tip an pipe it straight from the bag onto your cupcakes, but I hate washing those stupid things out plus it was in the cabinet alllllll the way across the room, so that wasn’t happening.  I took it and just squeezed a big blob on each cupcake and was going to spread it around.  I also may or may not have squirted some in my mouth.  Let me just say…..Oreo Icing should have been invented 10 years ago! The texture was a little ‘crunchy’ because it had cookie pieces (duh) and it was really…sticky?  The one thing I think I would change is that I would get two pouches for each batch of cupcakes because I wasn’t able to put a whole lot of icing and I really like icing.  I almost just mixed it in with a can of icing but didn’t know if it would be as yummy and oreo-y.  Everyone loved them, it was just my preference. 

Here are a few pictures of the finished cupcakes in their cute little liners.


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