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Who knew?!

on February 6, 2011

Ok, so remember how I was going to start couponing again?  Well I saved up all of my coupons, matched the sales at the stores, had a list and headed the 45 minutes to WalMart yesterday with my mom and sister.  It took me two and a half hours to get through the store, but man I had some good deals!  Lots of free stuff from coupons or things that were just a few cents.  It was crazy!  There were soooo many people that it was hard to move down the aisles!  I guess with the Superbowl today and the snow storm we are supposed to get starting today, people decided that WalMart was where they needed to be.  And they were so rude!  I even had a lady run her cart into my butt just because she  wanted me to move (although to be fair, I had pulled as far over as I could and the person in front of me wasn’t moving either!) and when I turned around and looked at her, she made a face at me!  So I said ‘ Excuse YOU!’ and then went she went by I hit her cart with my cart. Immature…yes.  Satisfying….most definitely!

Anyway, so I FINALLY got to the checkout and started dividing my stuff.  I had a few high value coupons that I had multiples of, so my sister put them in her cart so that I could use them at the same time and I could just pay her back.  I had a whole cartful so it was alot, and it made it seem like I had even more because our checker was sooo slow!  Like, scan the item, check the price, comment on the item then put it in the basket! I was about to go crazy!  (and so were the people behind me…the lady right behind me kept sighing and rolling her eyes at me..lady, I apologized even though I’m not the one checking, get over it!) 

And then we got to the coupons.  I had an entire stack of coupons and she subtotaled my stuff at $171.58….and she took forever scanning the coupons.  She would scan it, look at the coupon, look at the screen, look back at the coupon and then slooooowly put them off to the side! omg.  Finally she finished scanning them and my total came up $120.21!!  SCORE!!  I saved $51.37 in coupons!!  Well then she said, ‘Oh, coupon limited exceeded’.  Um, WHAT?!  There’s a limit on coupons!? She was all, ‘yeah, I guess.’  I asked her what the limit was and she said, ‘I don’t know, but I mean, I’ve never seen anyone use this many coupons before.’ lol. So she had to call a manager.  At which point the lady behind huffed once more, gathered her stuff and moved to a different line.  Actually so did the person behind her.  Sorry people!  I could have scanned that stuff and had it in the bag five times by now!  I don’t want to be standing there anymore than you do!!  So we wait for a manager to come….and we wait….and wait some more.  Probably a good five minutes during which time two managers passed right by us!  So finally one comes and unlocks the register with their little key and so I ask her what the limit was and she said, ‘ Yeah, $50 in one transaction.’  Woops.  I passed it by less than $2!!  So I finally pay and tell her how sorry I am (again) and head out….and pass the lady that was so rude behind me. She was stuck behind a lady with like ten things that was flashing a manager’s help signal too! Ha! Karma lady!!  I just waved at her and kept on walking lol. 

Moral of the story:  If you have a ton of coupons, make your sister buy more of them so that you don’t have people behind you want to kill you.

Sidenote:  The stuff my sister bought I had coupons for about $15 off stuff!  And I had a coupon at Staples to get two free 12 packs of sticky notes ($11 value each) and got some fun paper clips at this little display for $1.50 for a huge container that you got to pack yourself (originally $9.99 and I got two!) plus some Supersticky heart Post its for just $1 w/ my $1 off coupon.  I paid just $4.53 for about $45 worth of stuff!!

Total savings for the day:  about $107!!!!


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