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on January 25, 2011

Do you use coupons?  Do you do it for fun or out of neccessity(sp?)?  A few years ago, I used coupons for fun, and I used them all the time for anything I could find, it was almost a game of how much I could save.  I would leave Wal Mart having saved $40 and being so proud of myself!  A lot of the stuff we didn’t necessarily need, but hey, when it costs like 10 cents who cares, right?  I always thought it was more fun to have something new in the kitchen than shopping for just what I needed.  I figured if I bought it, I would work it into our meals somehow, and I usually did.  I just started using coupons again…this time because I have to.  Our budget was cut in half after C got out of the Marines and it has been quite an adjustment that I don’t think either one of us saw coming.  I try to buy stuff on sale and freeze what I can, but even that is hard since I live in such a small town with just one grocery store, whose prices are pretty high most of the time, especially after having shopped at WalMart and the like for a few years.  And the nearest one of those is about 45 minutes in any direction, and I don’t go often because we don’t have the money! lol.  Kind of a viscious cycle, huh?  Some of the different sites that I like to use are moneysavingmom.com and www.passionforsavings.com.  They post a lot of good coupons and freebies that they find.  I usually have them up on my screen all day at work and just refresh the page to see if something new has come up.  I also ‘liked’ them on Facebook so it shows up in my newsfeed, too (which is also up all day).  Some other places I like to get my coupons are in the Sunday paper, although we don’t have a Walgreens or CVS, so I either have to hold onto those special coupons or just not use them, and also ALL YOU magazine.  ALL YOU is a fabulous source for coupons…it costs like $2.76 and it usually has over $90 in coupons, which they normally display on the front. 

 I clip the coupons I want, which is usually all of them, and keep them in a coupon holder that I keep in my purse at all times (hey, you never know when you might find a sale!).  I divide the coupons up into the different categories in the store, like frozen foods, refrigerated foods, dry goods, housewares, pets, cosmetics,etc, so that I know when I get to that aisle I could just pull that section out (I also arrange them in the holder in the order that I go in the store, which is always the same, weird).  I usually have quite a few coupons on products that I don’t know if I want or not, depends on if it will be a good deal or not, and if I find the item and think it’s too high, I always leave the coupon in front of it for someone else to have.  It might make their day!  I mean, finding a $1 off coupon is like finding a $1 bill sitting on the shelf and who doesn’t want that?! 

After I’ve found the item with my coupon, either I put the coupon in the cart or into an envelope in my purse so that when I get to the register I have them all out and ready to go.  I really enjoy clipping coupons and the satisfaction I get in knowing that I saved myself some money and that, even though I can’t control everything in my life (especially lately), I can control what coupons I use.  So tell me, how much have you saved with coupons and do you have any good resources??


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