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4th of July

on July 6, 2010

So, I’ve got to tell you that the holidays are quickly become my favorite time of the year.  This 4th of July was probably one of my most fun/memorable of all. The only thing that was missing was my husband, who is deployed right now.  I spent most of the weekend with family, mom’s side, my husband’s side, and my dad.    Family is what holidays are all about and I’ve never appreciated that as much as I did this weekend. 

We started the fun Saturday morning with a family dinner at my Grandpa’s.  We have these dinners once a month where the WHOLE family meets for a potluck type dinner…we have a rather large family so these usually have about 40-50 people in attendance.   Well, it rained, alot, and we were grilling.  Well, Grandpa was grilling…he makes his own grill from bricks and sticks and lights a fire under it and puts a couple of pans aka old washer lids over the top of it to put the food on (you’d have to know him to understand).  It’s always a fun time when we get together!

Then on to my mother in laws for supper for their big cookout, and it’s still raining.  So we all crowd into the shop (and it was cramped!  There were about 60 friends and family at this one!)  Fireworks, kids, and food…it almost doesn’t get better…until you bring out the booze that is!  Let’s just say it makes some people friendly…very friendly…and makes some wives very jealous and territorial.  I admit that if my hubby had been at that party I probably would have snatched that girl bald headed…but that’s another story for another time.  We ended the night with a big fireworks show and headed home. 

Sunday morning I travelled the 35 minutes to church to listen to my Dad preach.  This was his first sermon since leaving the ministry two and a half years ago, so we were all very excited!  He did an excellent job and my sister, her boyfriend and I treated him and our stepmom to lunch in a nearby town.  Afterwards, Dad invited me back to their house to pick out some produce that they had from their HUGE garden.  Of course I said yes, thinking I’d make my selection from the stuff they had in the house like usual…ummm no, not so much!  I was going to help them pick it, which usually wouldn’t be such a big deal, but  we had just been to church, so I had dress clothes on and heels!  Thank goodness I had thought to pack a pair of sandals in case my feet started hurting!  So I spent the next two hours picking and chatting w/them, in 95 degree heat.  I left with three bags of produce and a whole new appreciation for them!! 

I decided to take the scenic route home from dad’s, through the countryside, and the whole ride home all I could think was that this was probably the best weekend I could remember.  I had spent time w/some of the most important people and my life and everyone was happy.  Life is great right now and I can’t wait to see where it takes us next.


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