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Project Idea: Methodist Afghan

Happy Monday everybody!  I survived the weekend, and the fair was AWESOME this year, if I do say so myself.  I think everyone was happy that there was a lot to do and a lot to eat :-)!  I didn’t enter a whole lot of items in the Open Class divisions this year, but I did a few photos and entered THIS afghan (Ainsley let me borrow it as long as I would give her my ribbon if I won lol).   I did end up getting a blue on the afghan, and I got two reds on a couple of photos I took.  One of my nephew Kolton playing in a creek, and one of my sister’s family that we took out in a field.  So I was pretty happy!

HOWEVER.  Ainsley won SIX ribbons- 4 white and 2 red- in the photography division, and all but one of them were in the ADULT division.  She is five years old!  Sheesh.  I think she even beat me in a category…..smh.  She also placed on her craft she entered (blue), her ‘eggs and bacon’ candy (red), and got honorable mention on a little beaded bracelet she made.  She won a whole $13 and could not be more excited.  Cracks me up…

Now on to the purpose of this post.  Later today we are heading to Wichita for a few days- Nate’s mom is having some pretty major, scary surgery, so we want to be there for her.  That means a lot of time in the waiting room.  So I thought now would be the perfect time to start a new project, to help keep my mind off of the situation.

I found THIS pattern last fall, but never had a chance to actually make it.  My dad is a Methodist pastor, so I thought it would be a good idea to make it and give it to him for Christmas last year.  Well, that didn’t happen, so I thought, ok, I’ll make it for his birthday (on Valentine’s Day).  That didn’t happen either.  So here’s hoping that I might get it finished (or hell, even started!) for Christmas this year!

This is what the website shows that the pattern looks like when it’s completed-


I will make it larger than the baby blanket size, but I’m not sure yet how big I will go.  My dad is 6’6″, so it will be bigger than what I would make for myself, let’s just put it that way.

I’ve never done a ‘counting’ stitch afghan like this, so I am going to watch a few youtube tutorials and see if I can’t get it figured out.  I love that it is just a simple single crochet, so that should be easy to follow.  I’m thinking though, that instead of having about 8 trillion little ends to stitch in at the end, that I should try to weave them into the stitches while crocheting the next row above them.  It worked in my dream last night.  Yes, I was dreaming about starting this blanket.  Or maybe I was dreaming about finishing it lol!  I also thought that I might start working a double crochet for the border, so that it won’t be so heavy when it’s finished.  I want him to actually use it to keep warm, but not to suffocate lol, and that would be ALOT of yarn!  He doesn’t have any idea that I am planning to do this, so I’m hoping it will be a fun surprise at Christmas.

I will share with you all when I get it finished!


Have you ever done something like this?   Any tips?

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Fair Week!!

As I’m sure you can tell from the title of this post– it’s FAIR WEEK, PEOPLE!!


I’m on the fair board, which I’ve mentioned.  Basically that means that right now (and the past week or so), I look like this….



But it’s finally here!  I’m looking forward to a great fair, but it will be super busy.   See you all next week!



Over and out.

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Caramel Apple Jam


Ok, here it is!  FINALLY!  I’ll bet your thinking, ‘that better be some damn good jam for her to keep us waiting this long for it.’  Let me tell you– it IS.  This is one of my most popular flavors at the farmer’s market.


It has both brown and white sugar, which cooks down into a delicious caramel flavored jelly.  That, combined with the apples and the spices, make for one of the best damn jams I have ever tasted!  Not to mention the fact that it makes your house smell PHENOMENAL.

I cannot stress to you enough how much I want you to go and make this RIGHTTHISVERYSECOND!  I am actually making another batch of this tomorrow night, because I am out again lol!

IMG_1367I found this somewhere on the internet, copied and pasted it into a word document, and did not give myself a source.  So thank you, random internet person that shared this brilliant recipe with me.  You are responsible for some of the best dang peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I’ve had all year!


Oh, and P.S. — Happy Birthday Kristi :-)




Caramel Apple Jam

6 cups apples, diced and peeled (about three pounds of whole apples)

1/2 cup water

1/2 teaspoon butter

1 package (1.75 ounces) powdered fruit pectin

2 1/2 cups sugar

2 1/2 cups brown sugar

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg


In a pan, combine the apples with the 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 teaspoon butter.  Cook this over low heat for a half hour or so, stirring regularly, until the apples are soft.

Once the apples are nice and soft (use your own judgement – you don’t want them to be really crisp in the jam, but some soft chunks are delicious), add the pectin, stir it in, then bring the whole mix up to a rolling boil.

Then add the sugar.  Bring it to a rolling boil.  Stir it constantly and let it boil for one minute.

Remove the jam from the heat, then add the jam to the jars, leaving a 1/4 inch headspace.  Clean off the rim of the jar, put a lid on it, then put a ring on top of that, turning the ring until you just begin to feel resistance.  It made about 6 jars, with a bit left over.

Put jars back into a water bath canner with boiling water for 1o minutes.  Put the jars on a towel and let cool for 24 hours, making sure the lids seal.g


Makes 6 half pint jars.

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Pinworthy Thursday 6-26-14

Ahhhh summertime!  If you are like me, you have been busy enjoying the great weather and (hopefully) spending lots of time in the pool!  We have our own big, above ground pool in the backyard, but pretty much every night this past week we have been able to go to a friend’s house and enjoy their awesome in ground pool.  It’s so nice!


Not to mention, it’s got a pretty nice view!

I will try to get the Caramel Apple Jam post finished up (I just have to type up the recipe) and posted.  But for now, here are some fun things I’ve found on Pinterest this week!


78f440efa938efc09ab74250a943a532I think this Spot the Giraffe pattern is absolutely adorable.  I’m thinking this might be a future project for sure!




I have been wanting to spruce up our back patio, and I really like the look of this tiled table!  Outdoor furniture is soooooo expensive, it would be nice to use a DIY like this.



I have actually made bean burgers before, and I LOVE chickpeas, so I’m sure this Baked Chickpea Burger would be a hit with me.  Not sure it would be Nate’s jam though, so it might need an alternate burger for him :-).



Let’s just say that my skank a$$ feet could totally use this.  I don’t know why my feet crack so bad, but I’ll try anything.



Love this hairstyle if I decide to go short again.



When I’m in a working out phase, I really like protein shakes.  This peanut butter banana coffee shake sounds really good.  I would leave the spinach out, but that’s just because I would rather eat the spinach by itself.



This Thai Chicken Noodle Soup looks so darn good.  I would love to make a batch of this one night and eat it for lunch for the week.




This What’s In Your Purse? is a shower game that I wouldn’t mind playing!


Have you found anything interesting on Pinterest lately?  Please share!

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Pinworthy Thursday 6-19-14

Well, I am back!  I know I didn’t say anything beforehand, but we went on a Vegas vacation last week!  I had a fricken blast, but I swear, I am STILL tired lol.  I might share some photos on here with you, if we ever get them edited.  But for now, here are my fun pins from this past week.  There aren’t too many, but I haven’t been on Pinterest much lately. :-)



I think these Crochet Cupcake Washcloths are adorable.  I am hoping to get a few made up for farmer’s market.



I am going to start eating a little healthier and start exercising (I went last night, anyway….).  I think these Five Spice Turkey and Lettuce Wraps would be a tasty lunch.  I figure I will make the filling one evening, and eat them for the next day or two.



Ha.   Here’s some Oven Fried Ranch Chicken.  But since it’s oven fried, it’s healthier.  See?  Mostly I’m hoping that Nate might like these.



Another dinner idea– Ranch Potato Topped Chicken Bake.  This actually reminds me of one of those meals in a box you can get.  He doesn’t like most vegetables, so I think I could swap out the mixed veggies for corn and it would work.



I thought this would be another good lunch thing to have.  Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad with Ginger Peanut Dressing.  I <3 quinoa.




I kind of want to get one of these Pore Cleansing Pads from Sephora to clean my brushes.  It is a similar idea to one of the Sigma cleaning gloves– which are $40-$50.  That’s ridiculous and not EVEN going to happen.  This one is only $6, which is fantastic.  I’m going to check in store when I’m in Wichita again.


And last but not least– you all know that I am OBSESSED with Youtube makeup tutorials.  Lustre Lux is my favorite channel.  Holy girl crush, guys.  I have been doing her cut crease tutorial all week!  And this photo made me want MAC’s Heroine lipstick so bad, I went online and ordered it.  (btw– did you know MAC has free shipping ALL THE TIME?!)  I don’t know where the heck I’m going to wear bright purple lipstick, but I don’t even care.  ‘Tis MINE.


That’s it!  I’d like to think I’ll get the post up for Caramel Apple Jam up tomorrow, but let’s get real.  It will probably be next week.  :-)

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Sand Plum Jelly Recipe


If you live in rural KS/OK- then you have probably heard of sand plums.  If you are lucky, you might even have a sand plum tree in your yard, or you might be close to someone who does that might let you pick them.  I didn’t have either of those lol.  And sand plum jelly was probably my most requested jelly last year.  People have asked since I started going to farmer’s market if I had sand plum jelly. Had I heard of sand plum jelly? Oh, yes.  Had I ever tried it before?  Nope.  Sorry!  I had no access to sand plums, and had no desire to go out looking for them.


Then, last summer, Nate’s stepdad told me that he had picked a few bags and thrown them in the freezer, and could I make him some jelly?  Of course I could!  I kept meaning to, but then life got in the way/divorce/fair time/I’m pretty forgetful and wouldn’t think about it very often.  Now here we are about oh, nine months later, and DeWayne FINALLY has his jelly!

I started looking for recipes every once and a while, but didn’t want to just pick a random recipe that I didn’t know would work or not.  Especially since I only had two bags of plums, and they weren’t even mine.  I wanted to find one from a blog that gave some tips and told me HOW to make it.  But I never found it.  I read some different recipes, and techniques for getting the juice from the plums, and it looked pretty easy.

So I asked him to send the plums down a few weeks ago.   He sent two quart bags of frozen plums.  It made ALOT of juice.  Which was fine by me!  He just wanted a few  big jars for himself, and said that I could sell the rest at farmer’s market.


People were HAPPY about that lol!  I already sold out of the first round of two batches– it makes 10 half pint jars per batch.  It sets up beautifully and is a gorgeous color.  I used both bags to make two pots of juice, and then I used one pot to make the first two batches.  I froze the other pot’s worth of juice, and actually made those two batches last night.   That’s 40 jars of jelly from those two quart bags of plums.  Score!  My customers are just loving it!  So now I am on the lookout for more sand plums! I have a lead though…so hopefully that pans out :-).


Oh, and if you are just a little bit short on your juice, you can fill it the rest of the way with water.  I would say I had 4 Cups of juice, then I would add 1 1/2 Cups of water.  Worked just fine!


So, if you are like me and were hoping to find a reliable sand plum jelly recipe, look no further! I don’t see why you couldn’t use this recipe for other small plums, too.   This recipe came from HERE.

Oklahoma Sand Plum Jelly
Printer version of this recipe

5 1/2 c Plum juice
7 1/2 c Sugar
1 Box fruit pectin


To prepare plum juice:

Wash plums, cover with cold water and boil until plums are soft and skins pop. Press through jelly bag (cheese cloth) strain and measure.

To prepare jelly:

Mix plum juice with pectin and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Add sugar, continue stirring and boil hard for one minute.

Pour in sterile jars. Let set for one minute and skim top. Seal with new lids.

Let jelly cool slowly to prevent jars from exploding.

Yields approximately 6 pints.

From: Ellen Rains Harris
To: Anglican@stsams.org
Subject: Re: Emmaus or the NOFA Conference
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004



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Pinworthy Thursday 6-5-14

So last night right before bed, we talked about painting the house this summer, and was that something we were hoping to do before Nate goes back to school.  After that, I tried to go to sleep, but couldn’t, because my brain decided that that would be the perfect time to go through, step by step, how we would carry out painting the house.  You know, power washing, scraping, priming, painting, painting trim, etc etc etc.  And should we stain/paint the front porch first?  I should have already done that, but oh well, I could do it before we painted.  But before we paint, we should probably go ahead and replace those railings.  Because it would be silly to paint the old rotten ones, then replace and have to repaint.  So I guess technically I would only be able to stain the ‘floor’ of the porch.  That’s when I realized that I had laid there for an hour thinking about that and it was 1230 so I should probably try to sleep.   Needless to say, I’m tirrrred today.  I think sleep painting my house last night did me in.  I’m going to go ahead and say that I don’t think that bodes well for the actual real painting of the house.  But I don’t want to think about that right now.


So here are some random, cool things I’ve found on Pinterest this past week.  Enjoy.

e7cb623c83d5027b79bbdb0b18491595What a neat idea!  Stickers with your save the dates for people to put on their calendars.


e4fc97cfcccd146e8afb07f3cb430bbbI’m always up for a new punch recipe, and this Pink Lemonade Sparkling Punch looks delish!  Seriously, the punch is my favorite part of any shower/party.

e0c9087287b4f0126db850033c062cb0You know I love a good washcloth pattern.  I like the colors, too.


Mount Hood.  I want to go there.  Basically anywhere in the Pacific Northwest appeals to me.  I think one of the next trips we go on will be out there.  Seattle or Alaska maybe?  I don’t know.  I could live out there and love it.


458a025176566cf4e2d3730e6ec3753dI’m hungry, and these Simple Crab Ragoons would just hit the spot right now.  Drat not being able to make them righthtisverysecond.



Garlic Cheese Fries.  Need I say more?  Two of my favorite things in life.

31c5817c25f49e76cc97382c2054965eJust in case I ever have Giant Tissue Flower needs.  You never know!


And finally–


e30f2c6861d360db5102276a6abd733fBecause I’m 25 and I like to color.  Duh.


Find any cool shiz on the internet this week?  Please share!



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Ainsley’s Crocheted Daisy Afghan

So a month or two ago, I shared a Project Idea post about THIS super cute afghan.  I said that I was wanting to make it and that it was absolutely adorable, but that I didn’t really know WHO to make it for.  Well my niece Ainsley’s birthday was last month, and I decided that she just had to have it for her birthday this year!  Here she is.  Let’s just say her nickname is Sassy for a reason! And yes, that would be THREE headbands.  She wanted to wear all of them at the same time.


Now, I know that a crocheted afghan is not exactly what every little five year old dreams of, but I figured that she would think the colors were pretty and maybe later on she would really treasure it.  I was fully prepared for her to be like, “Thaaaanks Aunt Teresa.  Where’s my next present?”  So I was prepared and threw some scented/glitter tattoos in the bag, too.

So I started crocheting, making all of my blocks first.  I used THIS step of the tutorial.  They worked up super fast.  I made 5 of each color, and I had 4 colors.  I used Red Heart yarn in a turquoise, bright purple, hot pink, and a lime green.  I crocheted nonstop, any spare second I had, for 4 days.  In the car, while we watched tv, while I sat outside with my stepmom while she had a garage sale….any time that I could.  I wanted to finish it as fast as I could!



I did notice that some of my yarns were thicker than the others, so I would constantly hold it up to make sure I was getting the same size squares.  Even still, my turquoise ones came out just a tad bigger.  But not much!  I think I ended up crocheting all of these twice, with how much I was ripping out and redo-ing!  But I also knew that I could fudge it a little when I did the borders that bound them all together.

So after I had all of my squares made, I used THIS tutorial to stitch them together.  I just used a bright white for that.  It wasn’t HARD, but it is a little tedious.  You have to make sure that they are all lining up and looking right.  But this was the best part, too, because it finally made it look like an afghan :-).  Then I added the border with THIS part of the tutorial.  Super easy.  Single crochet all the way, man!  I did one row of each of my colors, including the white.


I was so excited at this point that I stayed up until 1 a.m. to finish it!  I just could NOT wait to give it to her!  I was so excited that I had finally made an afghan all by myself!

But the last thing I had to get on there was the Daisy  applique.  Dun dun dun.  Turns out, I can’t make a daisy correctly to save my life!  I followed her tutorial HERE (or at least I thought I did lol!), but every single time I ended up with a different version of a flower!  One time I had 8 petals, then I had 7, never 6 like it was supposed to be!  Finally I just chose the best looking one and decided to heck with it, she would just have one flower!

I got that on there and just could not believe how pretty it was!  I made sure that I blocked it when it was done, too.  Basically that means to get it wet and lay it out flat to dry.  That helps shape it and make all of your lines straight.  Here are photos of the finished product :-)



And a nice little side by side with the inspiration photo.

Photo from Repeat Crafter Me blog

Photo from Repeat Crafter Me blog


Love it!  I will be making more of these for sure!  And here are a few with the birthday girl.  And by the way, she loved it.  When I asked her if she wanted me to take it home for her to have at my house (thinking that might keep it nice, but she could use it when she came over), she said, ‘Well, it might be really special to me, so I’d like to take it to my house to keep it safe.  Your dogs might eat it” (which is a valid point, btw).  Success!


(Grainy iPhone photos for the win!)

Have you finished any fun projects lately?  I’d love to hear about them!  Next up will be a monkey afghan for Kolt Lee!

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Pinworthy Thursday 5-29-14

I am counting down the minutes until 430….we are having a friend night out of town tonight.  Dinner and a movie!  I hope we are going to go see Maleficent, but we haven’t decided yet.  So let’s whip this out today!

Here are the pins I’ve found interesting this week.


These cotton and denim potholders look really easy.  It is just four layers of fabric stitched together– I think I could do that!


We are talking about building a deck by our pool, and I love the pattern on this DIY Pallet Porch would be really cool!


These Mini Frame Fridge Magnets are completely adorable!  I love to have pictures on my fridge and these would really dress them up a bit.


They say that this Crab and Shrimp Casserole tastes like a giant crab cake!  YUM!  Nate wouldn’t touch this with a 1o foot pole, but my family would love this!


Thai Peanut Chicken and Rice– I used to make a version of this, without meat and with noodles instead of rice.  I am trying this one asap!  It was actually part of a recipe swap between one of the blogs I read everyday – The Newlywed Notebook, and a new one that I hadn’t heard before but am really liking now called Marry Mint!



Creamy Mushroom and Banana Pepper Chicken and Rice.  This is another one that Nate wouldn’t go near, but I really want to try it!  The banana peppers are something different that I have never tried in a dish like this.  (this is the second recipe in the swap)


We are wanting to put a border around our patio, and I really like this look of this one made of stone.


That’s it for this week!  Have you pinned anything cool this week?


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Pineapple Sweet Rolls


So a few weeks ago I shared a pin on my Pinworthy Thursday for Pineapple Sweet Rolls.  Well I immediately went out and bought the stuff I would need to make them….and then got sick.  Then I used the pineapple to make strawberry pineapple jam.  So here I am two or three weeks later with no sweet rolls.  I decided last night that I was making them no matter what!  So I stopped at the store, grabbed a can of crushed pineapple, and whipped them up while I was cooking dinner (it was chicken helper so it wasn’t like it was really involved).


The recipe is extremely easy to follow and doesn’t take many ingredients, and the few that it does take, most people have them on hand.

The filling was just a few ingredients dumped into a pot, then cooked until nice and thick.  It literally took less than 5 minutes, and that included getting everything out of the pantry.   I found my hot roll mix at my local grocery store for a few dollars– it was Pillsbury brand, and it made a beautiful dough that I will most definitely be using again.


I do have a little tip– she says that it will be super messy to make.  Mine wasn’t too bad, actually, because after I had it all rolled out and ready to be cut, I used a big knife and did I quick cut to make the 8 rolls, then I used a rubber spatula and my hand and kind of ‘scooped’ them into the pan.  I didn’t have any filling left on my counter at ALL!

I also liked that the rolls raised so quickly.  I set my timer for 20 minutes, then put my pan of rolls next to my stove (dinner was ready by then).  I would say they almost doubled in size!  Here is what they looked like at the beginning–


And then after they raised, they filled the pan!


I was seriously impressed!  The icing was super easy, although I think next time I will just make a half batch of it.  I iced them pretty liberally and still had half of it left in the bowl.


Now, for the taste.  These rolls were FABULOUS.  The dough is super soft and the filling is sweet, but not too sweet.  I really liked that it had the little bit of cinnamon in the filling, too.  It smells SO GOOD (obviously) while they are baking!

I would say that this recipe is quick enough that you could make it and bake it in the morning and have it ready for breakfast.  It was done within an hour, start to finish!  This would be a really good recipe to make for Christmas morning, too.  Because really, who WOULDN’T want a sweet roll for breakfast?!  Not only that, but you will impress everyone with your mad sweet roll making skills.


I took one up to my mom and she loved it too.  So I think I impressed her…which means I can mark that off my list of things to do for today ;-).

I am actually pretty excited to use this as a base for other sweet rolls– I am planning to make a strawberry version tonight, and also a regular cinnamon roll version.  I will share those with you if they turn out!!

Ok, I think that’s all that I had to share with  you about them.  Have you ever made sweet rolls?  What is your favorite flavor?


Recipe HERE!



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